Cryptobyte Builder

Cryptobyte will randomize all data, function names, variables, switches, etc... for each stub.

New Polymorphic Crypter with 4 different output prog. language





Cryptobyte comes with 2 versions Private and Standard.

The private version will use private stub custom made for each user per request.

Standard versions use shared stubs only.

Cryptobyte also has Macro and Pop up exploits, the private version again comes with a private stub for each stub!

There is different encryption for both macro and crypter payloads like AES, ASCII, Octal, Decimal or Base64 format.

You can easily encrypt your server and convert it to FUD .doc file in a few minutes only!

There is 2 different version on Cryptobyte.

The first one is Standard with no private stub available and the second one is a Private version with 8 private stubs available.

Every new user has 10 private stub requests after that number is reached (10), the user needs to pay for a new license or 8 new private stubs.

The public stub will be refunded 1-2 per week.

Cryptobyte (both private and standard version) has few encrypters available based on the programming language.

For C++ Stub there is no startup available, there is no refud available (private refud), if there is detection user can remove it using icon/assembly.

Other stubs are available for public and private refuds like AutoIT, C#, and Python.

AutoIT has 2 different stubs, if the user chooses Encryption Method "None", AutoIT stub will be without dependency, and injection for it is only native payloads like calc, notepad, svchost, dllhost... If any other encryption method is chosen like Octal, Base64, or any other except None, AutoIT stub will be different from the NET injection process available like RegAsm, Regsvcs, MSBuild, CasPol and similar.

If PolyMorphic Code is checked building time will be increased at least for 5 minutes.